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This man Mike Sonko, humanitarian, politician and family man

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This man Mike Sonko, humanitarian, politician and family man

The name Mike Sonko elicits mixed reactions to many people, to some just a former governor, but to most Kenyans, a selfless humanitarian, a man with a good heart who never gets tired of giving.

Mike Sonko first thrust into the limelight when he declared his interest in running to a political seat and grabbed the Makadara constituency seat on his first attempt in a 2010 by-election.

Mike sonko
Mike Sonko visiting Faith Njeri in hospital after helping rescue her from Saudi Arabia. Photo/File

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The former Nairobi governor is hailed as one politician who has never lost an election and always won whatever seat on his first attempt.

In fact this phenomenon was put to test when he won the Nairobi County senatorial seat and later on the gubernatorial seat and it had to take the supreme court to stop him from vying for the Mombasa County gubernatorial seat in the 2022 general elections, where at the time he was the frontrunner in the race.

Away from the illustrious and successful career in politics cut shot by what he describe as a political witch hunt from the previous administration through the supreme court, Mike Mbuvi Kioko is hailed as an astute businessman with a big heart, something that has for several times put him at loggerheads with his competitors.

Grass to grace

Sonko’s rise to the corridors of power rubbing shoulders with the who is who in multiple regimes has not been all flowery.

As he admits, his is a story of grace, coming from a humble background and having to endure challenges of a young man struggling to make it in an impossible world.

Sonko at one time found himself in prison in the 90s while still in his youthful days where after serving his time, got out and swore to turn his fortunes around.

After working hard in various jobs, sonko bought his first matatu and launched his matatu business.

This new venture turned around the matatu industry in Nairobi and made it one of the most vibrant industries until now.

During his entry into the business, matatus in the city only had one color and mostly old, here as a new business owner, Mike saw an opportunity for growth and introduced the first vibrant, colorful and entertaining matatu in Nairobi.

His matatu was fitted with a solid sound system, the exterior full of graffiti and the lighting made in a way to attract attention.

This new move would soon pay off as everyone now wanted to board the new matatu in town, and with the growing demand, it would soon be clear that he needed to grow his fleet.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how Sonko launched a successful transport business.

Mike Sonko Politics

Sonko shown into the political limelight at only the age of 35 when he was elected in parliament as the Makadara constituency legislator.

His interest in representing the youth on matters unemployment saw him try to solve the problem by introducing the Sonko rescue team, a non governmental self funded, non-profit organization that employed hundreds of jobseekers mainly from informal settlements in Nairobi.

This move put him at loggerheads with a number of seasoned politicians who sought to stop the initiative as it gained more popularity across the country.

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